SGA adds to executive board

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The Stevenson University Student Government Association (SGA) has elected two new students to represent their peers in office: Alyssa Laue and Marie-Claire Ofoegbu. The students have already acclimated themselves to the positions and have started pushing for change at Stevenson.


Alyssa Laue, sophomore, has the position of secretary and parliamentarian for SGA. (Photo from the Stevenson SGA website.)

Laue has been elected as the new secretary/parliamentarian for SGA and is a graduate of Harford Technical High School. She was a member of the SGA executive board at her high school for three years and has had an abundance of leadership experience through her work with the National Student Nurses Association, Mission: I’m Home, and the Stevenson University Leadership Scholar Program.

“I try to be active on campus and I was very active throughout high school, because I like leadership roles and don’t think there are many good leaders anymore,” she said.

Laue took the position because she wanted to be a part of the program to “make a difference.” She thought she could become a liaison between students and staff so she could be a voice for those who did not have one.

Laue is currently working with the speaker of the senate to “increase senate attendance,” so there is adequate representation from every organization in the senate. Laue has also started an initiative to revise the election guidelines to diminish confusion about elections among certain positions.

She has also been working on a constitution committee, amending some of the current clauses within the constitution.


Freshman Marie-Claire Ofoegbu was elected to the position of Freshman Class Representative for SGA. (Photo from the Stevenson SGA website.)

Marie-Claire Ofoegbu is originally from Laurel, Md., but moved to West Virginia and has been living there for the past 10 years. She graduated from Spring Mills High School where she also completed a year in SGA there. She studied abroad in Germany in her senior year, where she served as an ambassador to tell the German people about America, and not what the “media says.” Ofoegbu was class president during her sophomore year of high school. In her position, she spearheaded several initiatives to raise money.

“It’s always been about helping people, and letting those voices be heard,” she said.

Currently Ofoegbu is forming a freshman class council, which was “specifically selected,” she said, to represent everyone in the class. She has begun to work on several social events to make the college experience as enjoyable as possible.

Though attendance at events may present a challenge, she said, “It depends on the generation, because it’s harder to have a conversation these days, so I’m trying to advertise properly to the students.”

Ofoegbu has taken to social media to reach her target audience.

More information about the SGA at Stevenson can be found here.