Internships provide students with experience

Internships provide students with experience

Stevenson University’s integration of internships into its curriculum allows all students to gain experience in the field, location, and organization of their choice. Various faculty and staff members assist students in finding internships in each respective academic school.

Internships at Stevenson play a large part in the success of SU graduates. According to, “Ninety and a half percent (90.5%) of Stevenson University graduates were working, going to graduate school or planning to enroll, working as a volunteer or with a service program, or in the U.S. Military.”

Business communication senior Morgan Mills poses with Thiru Vignarajah, a Baltimore mayoral candidate, for whom she interns. (Photo by Usman Sulenman)

Michelle Schwartz, student engagement coordinator for the Fine School of the Sciences, has been helping students find internships since 2011. These capstone internships include research projects and hands-on experiences in the student’s chosen field.

Students in the Fine School of the Sciences have many opportunities, in part due to Stevenson’s location. “Because of our location in Baltimore, near D.C., there are lot of government agencies and government contracts,” said Schwartz. She also said that many organizations have branches directly in Baltimore that are looking for interns.

“Sometimes students think they want to become a doctor, and they don’t like it. We consider that to be a success because now we’ve eliminated something,” said Schwartz. She also suggested visiting various organizations in the field of their choice, as that could lead them towards what they really want to do.

Senior Tim Craig takes a selfie with a Restoration East van during one of his days there as an intern. (Photo by Tim Craig)

Capstone internships at Stevenson University are the result of multiple proactive steps that further a student’s future career. “We start having group meetings, and then I meet with students individually and they work on their resume,” said Schwartz. “We talk about how they’re going to approach someone via an email or phone call.”

Not only are these internships valuable for students’ future careers, but they can also lead directly into a position. According to, Stevenson alumna Mike Byrd’s capstone internship at Hunt Valley Northwestern Mutual led to a job offer immediately after his graduation.

Stevenson’s integration of internships also extends to online resources. Handshake is an internship website that puts students in direct contact with organizations who are looking for Stevenson students.

According to, Handshake provides internship opportunities in locations across the United States. Handshake also allows students to RSVP for events, sign up for interviews and edit their resume. Other resources for internship possibilities include LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerShift and

Outside of online resources, personal networking is a more reliable way to find opportunities. Schwartz said students have the ability to network and connect with people who are willing to advise them and help them succeed.

Additionally, Stevenson offers on-campus career internships for students seeking experience. Whichever way a student acquires an internship, Stevenson will find a way to make that internship help towards a degree.