It’s a great day to learn online

Its a great day to learn online

The Villager staff wants to see how you are building an online learning/teaching environment. Send your selfies to [email protected] and we will include them in this article!

“I brought home my entire desk top set up. I work in the kitchen while my husband is in the home office, as he always works from home. This is definitely harder on me than him!”
~~ MC McFadden

Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus of the Communication department
has set up her office surrounded by her daughters.
~~Leeanne Bell McManus

The women’s basketball team, with coach Jackie Boswell, meets
online. ~~ Jackie Boswell

“I have set up a comfortable desk arrangement in my dad’s
at-home office.” ~~Derek Tangorra

Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus’ Advanced Event Planning class is
meeting online as they work to create a video for Dr. Jennifer
Waldeck, the first vice president of the Eastern Communication
Association. ~~ Jess Lewis

Stevenson University student Marriah Boyd, a business comm-
unication major, has created a comfortable home office space to
complete her online coursework. ~~ Marriah Boyd

” Here I am, after Week 2, getting the hang of it!” ~~ Business
Communication professor Stephanie Verni