Local reservoir and trail offer activities near Stevenson

Relax by the rocks at the Liberty Dam Trail and Reservoir (Photo from Thomas Markey).

Just a short drive from Stevenson University’s Owings Mills campus, the Liberty Dam Trail and The Liberty Reservoir offer visitors a vast array of activities.  Located in Marriottsville, MD, just a mile north of Patapsco State Park’s McKeldin Square, both trails offer visiting patrons a variety of options such as biking, boating, hiking, fishing, birdwatching, or simply relaxing. The Liberty Dam Trail, which is 1.6 miles round-trip, is a popular attraction in the area because of a “hidden treasure” featured at the trail’s end: cascading waterfalls from the Liberty Reservoir over the Liberty Dam. 

 The Liberty Dam Trail is an attractive hiking option because of the path’s moderate terrain. Hikers of all ages and abilities can take advantage of the trek. However, interested hikers should note that the pathway between the parking lot and the trail’s head runs alongside Marriottsville Road, requiring interested hikers to walk between the road and guardrails.

A great view at the Liberty Damn Trail (Photo from Thomas Markey).

Holly Haber, a sophomore business communication major at Stevenson, described the Liberty Dam Trail hike as “a rewarding experience, due to the incredible view at the end. It would’ve been more enjoyable if the trail was better taken care of,” Haber said, referring to the significant amount of trash alongside the trail. Patapsco State Park Volunteer Coordinator Kim A. Mason stated that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, official cleanups along the trail have been indefinitely postponed. However, hikers can take it upon themselves to independently make the trail nicer. Visitors who are interested in joining future cleanup efforts as official “Patapsco State Park Volunteers” can register in the Patapsco State Park’s volunteer database.