SGA prepares for 2021 spring semester election


The Stevenson University Student Government Association (SGA) will hold student body elections starting on April 5 and ending on April 7. The only position facing election will be junior class representative, as all other positions are uncontested this year. 

Stevenson University’s SGA will hold student body elections April 5-April 7 (photo from

According to, the group’s mission is “to serve as an active representation of the student voice to the faculty, staff and administration.” Ruben Amaya, chief justice for SGA, said the group ensures students have a platform to express ideas and concerns that can be shared with the school’s administration. According to Amaya, SGA’s responsibilities include meeting with faculty, holding town halls and approving budget requests for clubs. 

 The positions that students were able to run for this semester included president, vice president, senior class representative, junior class representative and sophomore class representative. Students who wished to run were not required to be current SGA members, and the deadline to apply ended on March 17. The elected students for the uncontested positions are as follows:

  • President: Adam Steiner 
  • Vice President: Kaelyn Gold
  • Senior Class Representative: Mark Reichart
  • Sophomore Class Representative: Hanaan Abdulmalik-Vollmer
Members of SGA discussing school policies during a meeting (photo from

While it is too late to apply for SGA executive board positions this upcoming term, Amaya remains an advocate for those who wish to get involved in the future. “It is absolutely rewarding to be an advocate for your peers,” said Amaya. “SGA has the power to make real change by giving students the courage to speak up about issues that matter to them.” 

The students in the running for junior class representative are Matthew Abell, Makayla Vaughns and Sarah Vinci. According to Amaya, an email will be sent to junior students specifying voting instructions, and the results will be available on April 9. For more information on SGA and upcoming elections, visit