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Stevenson Provides Resources for Record First-Year Class 


By Evangelos Gourgoulianis 
Villager Academics Editor 

Stevenson’s class of 2026, paired with newly accepted students, represents the largest first-year cohort in our history, making up a third of Stevenson’s total enrollment.  

For most students, the first few weeks of the semester serve as a period of adjustment, while they adapt to a new environment and schedules. As these few weeks may serve as overwhelming for many, it is important to remember the many resources available to all students in times of distress.   

I stepped into the first class of my college career — statistics — back in August 2019. It still feels like yesterday, and since then I have discovered a lot about myself and Stevenson University. During the first couple weeks, there were many times when I felt overwhelmed with academics and balancing college life.  

The ongoing battle of managing academics and studying, while concurrently engaging in several activities and events is certainly not an easy task. I was not immediately aware of the countless resources available to help me through my journey. Some first-year students may struggle a bit with becoming acclimated to such a significant transition, while other first-years may not encounter issues at all.  

Darae Lyles, a senior, reflects on her first year with her transition to Stevenson life and what helped her towards a successful semester.  

“I figured out my system and what works best for me when organizing my courses so I always color coordinate my classes and I always print out the course schedule for each class and then throw it into my actual physical calendar planner, so I have no excuse to miss any deadlines,” she said.  

Additionally, Darae shared what is highly suggested that all students do.  

“Become very close with your professors because the one-on-one time I get with my professors I doubt I would ever get that treatment at any other school,” she said. “I don’t think people give professors enough credit, as they are very, very understanding about student life and what people may go through, especially first-year students because you’re brand new and that transition may be so difficult.” 

Stevenson’s Wellness Center is here to assist anyone as a combined health clinic and counseling center. Dr. Gary Stone, Assistant Director of Stevenson’s Wellness Center, describes what the Wellness Center offers, and what students can do to maintain healthy habits and balance college life.  

“On the Health side, we provide limited healthcare to students for relatively small fees,” he said. “On the Counseling side, we offer confidential, short-term therapy, at no charge for things like mild to moderate depression or anxiety, adjustment issues, relationship problems, and stress-management. I always like to help students become more aware of using themselves as a good resource. We’ve all had times in the past when things can get stressful and overwhelming, and those times in the past can help us learn what can work in the present and in the future about how to handle times when we’re struggling,” said Stone.  

The Wellness Center can be reached by phone (443-352-4200) or by email at [email protected].  

Stevenson highly recommends all first-year students take things slow and not become stressed during times which they may feel overwhelmed with work and activities. It is important to remember that they are surrounded by teachers, advisors, and peers who all want them to succeed!  

Communication is also key: stay in contact with your teachers and advisors when times become tough; they understand the burden all college students are under and are there to help you. Doing so will ensure students embrace the memories, connections, and experiences Stevenson will provide for each student in the future. May everyone have a safe, healthy, and amazing fall semester!  

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Stevenson Provides Resources for Record First-Year Class