Academic Link offers educational support

If students need help with classes or testing, they can use the Academic Link, a full-service tutoring and testing facility located in Garrison Hall South on the Owings Mills campus.

Kevin Knudsen is the assistant director of the Academic Link. He hires, trains and evaluates staff and oversees the P.A.L. program. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Knudsen)

The Link offers tutoring services for students who are having any difficulty in class and need extra help to stay on track. The Link also offers testing services for students to take their make-up exams, a mentor program (T.E.A.M.S.) and academic workshops. Most services like this would cost money at other colleges, but at Stevenson it is free.

Kevin Knudsen is the assistant director of the Academic Link. He is primarily responsible for overseeing the tutoring program and the new Peer Assisted Learning program (PAL). He is in charge of hiring, training and evaluating student staff through their College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified training. He enjoys his job at the Academic Link because he loves working with college students and helping them find success at Stevenson University.

“I believe in the concept of challenging students with high expectations, but also in supporting them in their endeavors,” Knudsen said.

Michael Remeikis and Cassie Lawrence are both graduate assistants for the Academic Link who work in the Testing Center as proctors for make-up exams. They work together to make sure everything runs smoothly in the Testing Center. They both enjoy working at the Link and want to ensure that all students succeed in their classes.

“Everyone communicates in a way that any and all issues are quickly resolved and there are rarely any issues to worry about from the start,” said Remeikis. “It is a job that I enjoy coming to every day.”

Rebecca Gruver is the student tutor coordinator for the Academic Link. Her job is to help new tutors in their training and understanding of the CRLA certification process. Before her current position, she was a tutor at the Academic Link for almost three years. Gruver said she finds working at the Link to be a rewarding experience because, “I am able to help and be a part of the reason why students are succeeding and understanding course content.”

Tutors are an essential part of the Academic Link; they provide assistance to students with course material that may be difficult to understand.

Isaac Colbert, who has worked at the Link for one year, is one popular student tutor who offers help in math and chemistry. When he tutors, he provides examples, leading questions and main concepts during his sessions. Colbert likes being a tutor because he is able to meet Stevenson students from various backgrounds.

“It is always a pleasure to see clientele prosper academically,” he said.

Gabrielle Buckles is the office coordinator at the Academic Link. She is responsible for scheduling tutoring and testing appointments, training the Office Assistants who work the front desk, and editing and creating policies and procedures pertaining to the Academic Link. Buckles loves how the Academic Link brings many diverse people with different interests together.

“I like how my job gives me the chance to meet and work with a network of really amazing students and faculty from all different disciplines and organizations,” said Buckles.

As a whole, the Academic Link  provides a friendly environment on campus where Stevenson students can get the support they need to succeed academically.

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