Activities fuel diversity and discussion

“The Pulse” is a racial dialogue series that invites students to join regardless of their personal standpoint.

The new Center for Diversity and Inclusion offers a safe space to discuss issues of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. (Photo from Villager files)

According to Natalie Gillard, assistant vice president of multicultural experience, the Pulse provides a space for people to talk about race every first Thursday of the month.

This series provides a safe haven for students to come together and express themselves freely as well as reunite as a whole.  These discussions are beneficial to Stevenson University students as they produce an outlet for healthy expression about current topics.

According to sophomore Krystal Alexis, many individuals face scenarios typical of the conversations’ topics, and it helps that they are not alone when confronting serious issues. This close-knit unit allows people to feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable situations that need repair.

Another event series sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Experiences, Friday Night Flicks, held its first movie, “Get Out,” which examines subtle portrayals of racism that play out later in the movie.  It is a twisted, comedic-thriller that gives a modern approach to racial division.  According to Gillard, students from all races were present and stayed late to discuss the impact of the movie.

The movie selections for Friday Night Flicks are of no particular genre; however, they are chosen based on the value of their multicultural components relating to society.  The purpose is to educate everyone in the Stevenson community and start a necessary dialogue that helps viewers understand racial divides.

Gillard also noted that next month students will take a trip to the Baltimore International Black Film Festival to see African American and LGBT films.  This multicultural experience allows individuals to gain peace, wisdom, and fulfillment through discussion, engagement, knowledge and listening. Gillard hopes that students of all multicultural and ethnic backgrounds are able to participate. Students can contact Gillard through campus email for more information.

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