Apple Releases iPhone 12

Have you thought about what you want for Christmas yet? If it’s an Apple iPhone, you’re in luck. With Christmas right around the corner, Apple has done it again. This year, Apple launched the new iPhone 12 in time for the holidays.

The phone launched on Friday, October 23, starting at $799 for a 64GB iPhone 12. Apple has also created the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 mini, which launched on Friday, November 13. The iPhone 12 includes many upgrades, including better cameras, more durable glass, a flat-edge design, 5G connectivity, and more storage.

The new iPhone 12 has many upgrades since the last iPhone was released. (Photo from

Apple fan and college student, James O’Donnell, is a loyal customer and has been faithful to the Apple Brand over the years. O’Donnell chooses Apple over other brands because he likes being able to have the iMessage feature on his phone that many other brands do not offer. In order for O’Donnell to be able to get the new iPhone 12, he had to pay off his old phone that broke. While he’s adjusting to his new phone, he “likes that it’s bigger than his old phone.” Although he believes Apple is pricey, he recommends it to others because although it’s expensive, he’s never had any problems with the brand. If he had the chance to change something on the product it would be a better battery life and louder speakers, and he hopes that Apple never changes the face ID.

Marc Levin, adjunct information systems professor at Stevenson University, plans on purchasing the new iPhone 12 Pro either in early December or January. Currently, Levin has the iPhone 10s and is planning to get the iPhone 12 Pro particularly because of the third camera. Another reason he wants to upgrade his phone is because “there is a big technology change between the 10, 11, and 12.” Levin considers himself an amateur photographer, so with the capability of the three cameras (the wide angle, the standard lens, and the telephoto), along with the phone’s ability to do extensive editing, he is eager to get it. Levin is also a loyal Apple consumer, and he recommends Apple products because he believes that when buying them, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Those who love the Apple brand have a lot of exciting upgrades to look forward to in the iPhone 12 series of cellphones.

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