Dance team prepares for nationals

Stevenson University’s 2018-2019 dance team is preparing to take on the National Dance Alliance (NDA) Nationals in Daytona, Fla., in April in hopes of placing higher than they did last year.

Stevenson University’s 2018-2019 dance team is working for a first-place finish at the National Dance Alliance this season. (Photo courtesy of Georgie Williams)

The dance team is led by head coach Kelsey King and assistant coach Jordan Browning. The two co-captains, Meghan Fratesi and Courtney Sheckells, lead 11 others in rehearsals, competitions, and showcases at sporting events.

Samm Zamora, Andrea Antezana, Georgie Williams, Courtney Sheckells, Paige Adams, Madeline Lentino, Summer Tambascio, Alyssa Wendel, Izabelle Torres, Jen Jefferson, Lauren Cummins, and Danielle Panto complete the 13-member team.

King choreographs dance routines and puts music together for performances. Meghan Fratesi said that while their coach choreographs, the co-captions help clean up the dance routines when they are practiced.

The team plans to attend Nationals in Daytona, Fla., run by the National Dance Alliance in April for the second time. The Stevenson team placed second at the national level against other Division III colleges last year. Georgie Williams, a second-year member, said that the team hopes to place first at Nationals this year.


In order to get to the next level, Fratesi and Williams both said the team is expected to bring 110 percent to rehearsals and performances. Williams explained that the commitment to the team is pretty demanding. The time commitment of the team includes rehearsal three times a week as well as performances at football and basketball games.

Stevenson University’s dance team practices for the new season. (Photo by Leah Wittler)

Fratesi said her top priority as a co-captain is “to make sure everyone’s focused and to maintain our second-place spot.” She added that the team is also expected to meet outside of practices and performances.

While they are together for practices, Williams said they have a good social dynamic that comes from spending time together outside of rehearsing, through attending team dinners and making t-shirts and other crafts together.

Over the years that the dance team has been at Stevenson, Williams said that its presence has been improving as students are now more excited to see the team perform at football and basketball games. She added the talent and performance level has increased and their goals are bigger.

With increasing interest from students, the team also plans to have more fundraisers and have more campus involvement. Fratesi said the team is planning a flash mob for students to participate in at a secret time. She added that they want to hold a recital in the spring to showcase the team and individual dances.

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