Favorite actors shine in new comedy

If you’re in the mood for a comedy, Dirty Grandpa is the movie for you. The film, starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, will have you laughing hysterically from start to finish. De Niro plays a role that he usually doesn’t get, but he manages to shine as the movie’s star, and Efron also has a fantastic side role as his grandson.

Photo from rottentomatoes.com

Photo from rottentomatoes.com

Fans are usually used to seeing De Niro play a more serious role, where he controls all aspects of the character. In this film, however, he is the complete opposite: he plays a laid back, relaxed old man offering humor to help his grandson. In one scene in the middle of the movie, the camera zooms in on De Niro’s face, and viewers are struck by his expression that conveys everything.

Efron assumes a role that he is more used to and comfortable with than De Niro’s, playing the helpful and loving grandson. There are times when he doesn’t know how to act because his grandfather acts so foolishly, but his reactions are stellar.

Efron plays Jason Kelly, a rather cautious lawyer who gets tricked into driving his grandfather Dan to Florida after his grandmother passes away. Despite the fact that Efron’s character is engaged to be married, his grandfather leads him on some escapades that make for uproarious comedy.

Altogether, the acting in this film is perfect. In many comedies, the acting is sub-par because much of the focus is on how the jokes can be played out. But Dirty Grandpa hits the nail on the head with two stellar performances. In the end, both characters understand that the fight they are in is pointless and that they need each other more than ever.

If there comes a night where you have nothing to do, get off your couch and go see Dirty Grandpa, which gets 8 out of 10 stars for its consistent humor and top-notch acting.

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