Find your passion

This past week, I was privileged to be able to attend the Eastern Communication Assocation’s (ECA) annual convention in Baltimore as a student volunteer. In my position, I was able to attend sessions and lectures throughout the duration of the conference.

EmilyECAI went to an interactive workshop and lecture that was intended to show professors  how they can help their students succeed throughout college. It was a small group, only about five people in the workshop. As I am interested in higher education, this was a fascinating workshop to attend.

One professor was particularly interested in the topic. She took vigorous notes, provided stories of her own and asked a lot of thought-provoking questions. I was curious as to who this woman was and why she was so interested in this topic.

Then, she said something that really struck me—she said that she had always felt that she did not have a passion as other people did. Some people were passionate about engineering, some about art or science.

She could not find her passion, until one day she realized where her passion was. Her passion was in the passions of others.   She was most passionate about helping other people pursue their own passions. That is when she knew that teaching was right for her—it was the perfect way for her to help other people achieve their goals and immerse themselves in their passions.

I had never realized that this is a very accurate description for myself, and, I am sure, for many others. Some of us do not have one strong passion. Some of our passions revolve around other people. That is why I am interested in journalism — where I can learn about other people’s lives and thoughts and share them through writing — and politics — where I can help keep our country in a state to allow its citizens to pursue their own happiness.

It might sound negative to “not have a passion,” but when your passion lies in others, it is an endless opportunity to live your life surrounded by happiness and excitement.  I hope that everyone can discover a true passion.

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