Getting by with a little help from your RA

By: Jake Plasse

As students began their academic journey this fall semester, Mustangs should be aware that the Resident Advisors (RAs) are there to provide resources to help them cope with coming back to school after a year of learning online. “We implemented community outings on top of community builder events,” said Kirstyn Eckles, a Stevenson RA.  “We’re focusing on how our differences can actually strengthen our community.” 

(Photo by Jake Plase of RA info sheet)

Another RA, Eric Williams, said he’s doing a few things to help his floor to adapt to on-campus living.  “A lot of my community builder events…provide some sort of learning experience about how to live on your own.”  

Williams said that in the past he has hosted a “paint and picnic” in the quad for the members of his floor in which he would provide “paint, paintbrushes, paper, stuff like that so   (students had materials) to decorate their dorms.”   

Along with community builders, there were also outings in which RAs took students to events around campus as a way of helping them get to know the University grounds. On top of RAs being a resource to help with the stress of class, Williams explained that “as an RA I also act as a member of the community that my residents can reach out to if they are struggling with anything.” Williams, a senior, said, “I have three years of experience here on campus and so I act as a friend who has information for them.”  

When homework begins to pile and classwork overwhelming, RAs want you to remember that they are here to help.  

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