Helpful tips improve online learning

As many students remain indoors due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, studying online and participating in remote classes has become a challenge for some. Here are some tips to help students successfully complete school work remotely:

In order to be successful while completing online classes, students should ensure that they understand how to use the online instruction platforms needed to complete their coursework. (Photo from Wallpaper Flare)

Treat studying like a job. Studying is still a part of a student’s job, no matter where he or she is, according to the blog post, “10 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online College Classes,” published by the University of Cincinnati Online. It is important for students to have a schedule, know what all of their assignments are, and be prepared for whatever work the teacher or professor may assign.

Make a study plan and have a routine. Figure out what time of day and on what days it might be best to study and what needs to be done on those days, according to the University of Cincinnati Online’s blog post, “6 Tips to Being a Successful Online College Student.” Having a routine makes it easier for students to find the motivation to study.

“I would suggest finding a way to create structure,” said Kacie Wehland, a Stevenson University student. “Every Sunday I sit and create a to-do list for each day of the week,” Wehland said, adding that she even plans out time in her day to relax.

Create a quiet study space. Keep in mind that your surroundings can get noisy as other people show up, according to “10 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online College Classes,” so creating a quiet space to study may be particularly helpful when completing remote instruction. Included in this designated quiet space should be everything necessary to accomplish work with no distractions.

Learn the technology. Working remotely means that all instruction will take place online, so faculty will be expecting students to use new online platforms, according to “6 Tips to Being a Successful Online College Student.” It is also important to keep in mind that gaining access to online platforms might require payment. For these reasons, it is important to sort out details and questions about these online platforms ahead of time.

While studying and learning from a remote work space, it is important to keep that work space organized and stocked with all necessary supplies. (Photo from Wallpaper Flare)

Stay in touch with your professor. According to “6 Tips to Being a Successful Online College Student,” working online means there are plenty of resources at a student’s disposal, but the most important resource will always be the professor. If there are any complications where the assignment is too confusing and help is required, or a sudden sickness occurs, then the professor is the best person to contact for help or ask for an extension.

Stay organized. Know what supplies and materials may be necessary to complete the professor’s assignment and have everything prepared beforehand to avoid scrambling at the last minute, according to Northeastern University’s blog post, “8 Strategies for Getting the Most out of an Online Class.” 

“To manage multiple assignments online I start by making a list of what is due for what class that week and if I have big projects due later in the month I make note of that in my list so that I can start working on it each week to avoid work piling up last minute,” said Wehland.

Change topics every few hours or take a break. It can be hard focusing on one subject for hours at a time, according to “7 Tips for Working From Home During This Unusual Time” by Stephanie Verni, professor of communication at Stevenson University. To help keep the brain refreshed and focused, it is necessary to switch subjects or take a short break. Remember to keep the break short, not more than 10 minutes.

Stevenson University (SU) has created a few links to help students while they work from home. This link will lead students to a site where they can ask for help if they have a problem, find practices for switching to online learning and discover resources which contain guides to help students succeed in online learning. The SU Portal features additional resources for remote learning that current Stevenson students can access.

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