Master’s degrees continue to grow

A master’s degree at Stevenson University is now easier to achieve with eight different programs from which to choose. Stevenson’s graduate programs are meant to fit into any student’s busy schedule. Completion of the programs can be accomplished within two years.

When students graduate from the Master's program, they receive a hood during the Commencement ceremony. (Photo from SU Flickr)

When students graduate from the Master’s program, they receive a hood during the Commencement ceremony. (Photo from SU Flickr)

Tonia Cristino, assistant director of graduate recruitment and admissions and adjunct instructor, explained that the Master’s in Business and Technology Management was established in 1996 at Stevenson by a faculty and administrative team who saw the possibilities of the degree. According to the Stevenson GPS website, this graduate program “acquires the skills to manipulatie the architecture of current and emerging technologies in order to interpret and evaluate the impact these technologies have within an organization.”

According to Cristino, Maryland employers recommended establishing a forensic studies master’s program in 2004. The Master’s in Forensic Studies offers six different fields in which students can specialize. The various fields include forensic accounting, computer forensics, criminalistics, interdisciplinary, investigations, and forensic legal studies.

The newest graduate program established in 2015, is the Master’s of Science in Communication Studies. According to the Stevenson GPS website, the communication studies degree “is designed for professionals who want to build a foundation of effective communication competencies for personal and professional advancements.” Students involved in this graduate program are prepared for careers in public relations, advertising and promotions, marketing, management, media sales, event planning, and market research.

The five other graduate programs offered at Stevenson University are Master’s in Cyber Forensics, Forensic Science, Healthcare Management, Nursing, and Teaching (MAT).

Stevenson University also offers a B.S. to M.S. option for students in their first semester of their junior year to apply for admission to the Stevenson graduate program in order to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degree in as short as a five years.

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