Merit pages highlight student achievements

Merit Pages recognizes student achievements (Photo from

Sharing good news about students can occur more regularly through Merit Pages. The program used by Stevenson University is also used by many other universities across the country, to highlight achievements of students.

Merit Pages recognizes student achievements (Photo from

Merit Pages recognizes student achievements (Photo from

Morgan Somerville, the director of student engagement at Stevenson University, explained that Merit Pages are a mix of Facebook and LinkedIn. The program allows students to share their academic and extracurricular activities with a wider community. Inductions into honor societies or clubs, Dean’s List and leadership positions across campus, are just a few examples of highlighted achievements.

For the last several years, Somerville has been in charge of recognizing and sharing student achievements through Merit Pages. At the end of September, studentswho made the Dean’s List for the previous semester were notified that their badge had been added to their Merit Page. The Dean’s List is the most popular badge that students anticipate being added to their pages, according to Somerville.

When students receive an email regarding their recent achievements, an email is also sent to their hometown newspaper and to all persons linked to the student’s Stevenson account. Merit Pages also allow students to add a professional picture, a short biography of themselves and clubs or organizations that the student wishes to highlight. Students are also able to share their page on their other social media accounts.

Merit Pages benefits students for future employment, explained Somerville, because the Merit Page will be available to potential employers when they Google the student’s name.

Somerville has loved being a part of building these Merit Pages, she said, “it is fun to celebrate and highlight students’ work.” She is happy to share news about all student achievements and create a merit badge to recognize them. Those students who would like to add an accomplishment to their page or highlight another student’s achievement, should contact Somerville through campus email.

Students who have not claimed their pages, are encouraged to log on to take advantage of this website. Students can claim their page by logging on and clicking “claim page.” All students are enrolled in a Merit Page, but those who would like to opt-out can do so with a quick click of a button.

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