Mobile cooking game causes craze

Looking for an easy way to release stress along with the genuine enjoyment of serving others? Take a few seconds to go to your App store and download Cooking Craze!

Take 15 to 20 minutes out of the day (although it’s so addicting you’ll probably spend more) to relax, while still utilizing those brain muscles. The speed starts off slow, then picks up with traffic from more customers as players advance through the levels and begin to make different meals. Players are given a specific amount of time to reach a certain quota, very similar to an older game called Diner Dash.

The game begins with deep frying and decorating donuts. Once the first set of levels has been completed, players go on to dressing burgers and deep-frying calamari. By the third world (the third set of levels), you are frying eggs, bacon, and preparing pancakes with berries and strawberry syrup while simultaneously preparing ice cream, with orange juice as the refreshment.

As the levels change, so does the menu, which creates a less redundant and more refreshing challenge. Bonus levels are offered with special menus, and the money players make (counted in coins) can be used towards buying new kitchen equipment and food upgrades. This gives players a sense of actually working towards and maintaining an establishment.

In addition to creating a Restaurant Empire as the maker/s of the game claim, players also are promised the enjoyment of “Mastering a Massive Menu” with unique cuisines.  Players are given the opportunity to “Travel and Cook in Exotic Locales,” in places such as Paris, Rome, Rio, New York, and more. The makers intend that players experience the ability to “Enjoy Fast and Strategic Game Play” testing time management and strategizing skills.

Cooking Craze is produced by Big Fish, which is a company founded in 2002 by Paul Thelen. By 2004, Big Fish emerged as a top sales channel for game developers. The company offers a growing catalogue of over 450 mobile games and over 3,500 PC and MAC games. The executive team consists of only 10 people, but the company has three worldwide offices in Seattle, Washington, Luxemburg and Oakland, California.

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