Registration begins for next semester

Student meets with advisor to discuss future possibilities (Photo by Justin Trunko)

Registration for spring classes begins on October 31, 2016, for traditional students. To help students choose from among a variety of courses, three schools have compiled a list of some “cool,” “hot” and “super” courses for the 2017 spring semester.


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is offering 34 “cool” courses, including Family Violence (HSR 250-01) in the human services department, and Human Sexuality (PSY 208) in the psychology department.

Student meets with advisor to discuss future possibilities (Photo by Justin Trunko)

Student meets with advisor to discuss future possibilities (Photo by Justin Trunko)

The English department is offering creative courses including Videogames: The Art of Interactive Stories (ENG 281), as well as The Pursuit of Happiness (ENG 281), which will touch on the definition of happiness through literary works, readings, contemporary authors, and classic parables.

Nearly 30 “hot” courses are heating up the spring semester in the School of Design, including New Media Communication (CM 270) in the business communication department, and Introduction to Textiles (FDES 200) in the fashion design department. Two interesting SEE-certified courses are offered by the music faculty. Exploring Elements of Music/Hawaiian Ukulele (MUS 170), and Hopi to Hip-Hop (MUS 275) will investigate the evolution of American musical styles. These courses could give students new perspectives on music.

The School of the Sciences assembled a lot of six “super” courses that will fulfill SEE requirements for non-majors, including The Science of the Chesapeake Bay and a Survey of Forensic Science.

Seniors can begin registering for courses on Monday, Oct. 31; juniors on Wednesday, Nov. 2; sophomores on Monday, Nov. 7; freshmen begin Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016.


Students must meet with their advisors before pre-registration in order to get checked off to register. The Registrar’s office encourages students to meet with their advisors early, to avoid the penalty of not being able to register on their scheduled day.

Laura Holland, assistant registrar, said that flexibility and a list of alternative courses will help students in their plans for the spring semester. Meetings with advisors will run smoothly if students bring their Degree Audits with them.

Students can access pre-registration by logging into Web Express through the Stevenson portal.

The Registrar’s office notes that with such a high demand for courses, 8 a.m. classes are not out of the picture for most. Having a back-up list of courses can help.

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