“Slime Rancher” arrives to PlayStation 4


The indie game developer Monomi Park released “Slime Rancher” for PlayStation 4 on August 21, 2018. For slightly under $20, “Slime Rancher” is a entertaining game that can keep players engaged for hours through its colorful visuals and challenges.

“Slime Rancher” is a new PlayStation 4 game rated E for Everyone. (Screenshot from Zaria Greene)

“Slime Rancher” centers on a young rancher named Beatrix LeBeau, who tries to make a living raising different species of slimes on her land. In the game, players play as Beatrix to collect slimes that are different shapes and colors, and possess different abilities.

When players find slimes, they collect them by using their vacpack (a backpack with a vacuum attached to it) to store them in different cages. While collecting slimes, players have to make sure they feed them by picking up fruit, veggies and meat that randomly appear on the ground, but slimes will only eat their favorite foods.

“Slime Rancher” has bright and vivid colors that draw players into the game. The graphics are visually pleasing, and the vibrant colors make the game more exciting for new players.

The game has a few challenges. Over time, slimes can become grumpy, either from not having enough space when cages start to become full, or not being fed in a timely manner. When slimes become grumpy, they hurt the player and destroy their own cages, which can allow them to break free and scatter around the land. This, in turn, causes the player to lose money.

Although the game is quite easy, the added difficulty of taking care of corralled slimes means players may find their hands full. This feature keeps the game from becoming boring and keeps players interested in continued play.

Slimes can also take away the player’s health if they are a certain size; it takes a long time for health to fully recover, which adds another challenge to the game. Players must stay alive or else they can lose  progress.

As a whole, “Slime Rancher” is an entertaining game that turns into a challenge as players catch and attempt to tame more slimes. Thanks to its colorful design and cute slimes, “Slime Rancher” stands out among the collection of available Playstation 4 games. It’s a major difference from other, more violent genres of video games, so it can be refreshing to play. “Slime Rancher” is rated E for Everyone, meaning the game is enjoyable for all.

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