Stevenson alerts students of campus news

SU Alert is a system that Stevenson University uses to warn students, faculty, staff, and even parents about what is happening on campus. Signing up for the alert system is both essential and simple.

When students opt into SU Alerts, ythey can get up-to-date information on all campus news. (Photo from Lauren Novsak)

To sign up, register now at Subscribers can also access SU Alert through the Quicklinks menu on the SU homepage.

There will be directions to follow, and signing up takes only two or three steps. First, create a username and password along with a mobile phone number. Next, subscribers will receive a text message with a four-digit number that must be typed in on the Stevenson page. Last, choose what information to receive: SU News, Resident Alerts, Sports News, Student News, or all the above. There is no deadline for signing up, and the system supports most major carriers.

SU Alerts will come to cell phones as text messages, and through social media and email as well.

Those who are already registered are urged to make sure that their phone and e-mail addresses on file are current.  If there is a new carrier or provider, or if users’ phone plans are changed, that information must be updated at Current users will also receive an e-mail notification to re-register when the opt-out date nears.

Tim Hamlett, one of Stevenson’s security officers, said that SU Alerts are very important for the campus community. He explained that, for example, a few semesters ago, a transformer caught fire on campus. The SU Alert told everyone to “find a safe place and take shelter because there is a fire on campus. We will alert you when it is clear to come back outside.”  Hamlett said if SU Alerts did not exist, someone could have gotten seriously injured.

SU Alerts also offers warnings for road closures, power outages, flood warnings, weather delays or closings, emergencies, and other events on campus.

For those who need additional help signing up for SU Alerts, there are directional signs posted in every building and elevator on campus.

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