Students receive Who’s Who awards

The national logo for Who's Who Among Students. (Photo from Google Images)
Approximately 170 students receive Who's Who awards. (SU Flickr)

Approximately 170 students receive Who’s Who awards. (SU Flickr)

The annual Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges ceremony took place at Stevenson on Friday, April 15, at the Inscape Theatre on Greenspring.

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges is an honors program for over 1,000 universities and colleges across the country. Stevenson University is one of the universities that nominates students to be members. The program was founded by Henry Pettus Randall Jr. in 1934. He was an outstanding student at the University of Alabama, but could not join any of the honor societies because of the costly fees. He later formed his own honors program to acknowledge students for their achievements rather than their financial ability to pay for membership.

The national logo for Who's Who Among Students. (Photo from Google Images)

The national logo for Who’s Who Among Students. (Photo from Google Images)

At Stevenson, students, family and friends filed in, awaiting a ceremony they had been anticipating for weeks. The lights dimmed, the audience hushed, and Jeff Kelly, dean of students and the announcer that afternoon, stepped up to the podium. He began by explaining what Who’s Who was to everyone and why the students had been nominated. Who’s Who requires that students be either juniors or seniors and that they be selected by faculty for their participation and achievements inside and outside of the classroom.

Dr. Kevin J. Manning, president of Stevenson University, congratulated the students on their achievements. Angela Roseboro, vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., spoke about the experiences she has had in her career, and why it is important to continue learning. Dr. Christine E. Moran, dean of student success and associate dean of service-learning, alluded to The Wizard of Oz in her speech, suggesting that each nominated student has had courage, heart, and brains.

Kelly added that he had been nominated to be a part of the program when he was in college as well. Announcing the nominees was an honor for him as each student was called up to the stage to receive the award.

“Who’s Who represents the values of Stevenson in a very clear way. I like that we are recognizing students for being well-rounded. And not just excelling in one particular area but sort of looking at the total package,” said Kelly. Approximately 170 number of students received the award.

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