SU plans include addition of fraternities

Students gathered in Rockland to discuss plans for the addition of two fraternities. (Photo by Robert Morison)

Stevenson University announced at the beginning of the semester that Greek Life will become a bigger presence on campus through the addition of two fraternities.  Daniel Schwartz, director of Student Activities, said, “Stevenson will bring a fraternity to campus, not a frat.”

Junior Sarah Seen, social chair for Phi Sigma Sigma, said her initial reaction upon learning there will be fraternities on campus in the near future was excitement.  “Since we have to currently travel 30-40 minutes to attend a social with other universities, being able to have socials near campus will be more convenient and would be fun to have them with students we know,” she said.

In order for fraternities to become reality, Schwartz has created a four-step plan.

The first step in the process was to form a Greek Life committee that consists of nine “great leaders who will ensure the students are safe and will protect the brand of Stevenson University,” said Phillip Gatling, assistant director of Student Activities.  It includes both faculty members and student representatives.

SU has created a plan of action to bring fraternities to campus. Here, members of the Student Activities staff who are working on the plan include Philip Gatling, Daniel Schwartz, and Jenna D’Onza. (Photo by Maya Murphy)

Stevenson University is currently in the second step of the process and will continue through the month of October.  The second step is a time for the committee to research best practices, hold forums for students in both Alpha Kappa Alpha and Phi Sigma Sigma as well as other members of the student body.  This process is to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and to create the best environment in which fraternities will thrive.  The committee will create an outline of the expectations and finalize the organization identification process.

The third step in the process will occur from mid-October to December. During the third step, the committee will start to identify what fraternities might be invited to come to campus.  The committee is looking to compile a list of 10-12 fraternities by the end of this period.  The list will be generated through multiple outreaches to Greek Councils and national organizations.

The fourth and final step in the process will begin in the spring semester and continue through March.  There will be opportunities for the Stevenson students to meet with all 10-12 organizations and voice their opinion on which two best fit Stevenson.  The committee will then finalize the two fraternities with recruitment possibly starting in the fall semester of 2018.

For more information contact, Schwartz or Gatling through campus email.

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