Work study program offers advantages

Student worker, Theo Booker, interviewing performer. (Photo from SUTV)

The federal government, allots thousands of dollars each year to pay students for flexible work schedules in order to succeed in school. The federal Work Study program, is a need-based program dependent on a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

According to Stevenson’s Federal Work Study Coordinator, Wanda Smith, more than 180 students will qualify for the program, with around 125-130 students actually securing a position within the program.

Eligibility for the Federal Work Study program is determined by a student’s FAFSA. New students will know if they are eligible for the program by checking the award letter package they received prior to their first semester at SU. Returning students can check WebExpress under Financial aid/ FA Award Letter. Any money earned via Work Study is paid directly to the student and not applied to tuition; therefore, money earned in the program does not count against the student when submitting FAFSA in subsequent years.

Student worker, Theo Booker, interviewing performer. (Photo from SUTV)

Student worker Theo Booker interviews a performer as part of his Work Study position. (Photo from SUTV)


The Work Study program includes both on- and off-campus jobs. All on-campus positions have the same starting pay, minimum wage, with the opportunity for pay raises at the discretion of the supervisor. Off-campus partners include the Irvine Nature Center, the Baltimore Humane Society, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland and the Jewish Community Center (JCC).

Once students are deemed eligible for the program, they are required to attend a Work Study orientation where topics such as time management are discussed.  If eligible students do not participate in the mandatory orientation by September 30, their eligibility will be revoked and they will have to wait until the next FAFSA term to be reconsidered for the program.

Students eligible for work study who are looking for a job, should visit the Stevenson’s Human Resources website. When searching for Work Study positions, students should apply for jobs that note “Student Work Study.”  Students eligible for the Work Study program who are unsuccessful in securing a job should contact Smith, who can assist in the job searching process.


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