WSR, SUTV highlight student success

Stevenson University is offering an opportunity for students and staff members to share their stories with the community.

Krystal Alexis, the promotions director of Wild Stang Radio and SUTV, will host the “15 Minutes of Fame” podcasts. (Photo courtesy of Krystal Alexis)

This fall, Wild Stang Radio (WSR) and SUTV will broadcast “15 Minutes of Fame” for the second consecutive semester. This program allows students or faculty members to share stories or special anecdotes from their lives.

This podcast is about finding the “hidden gems of Stevenson and things you wouldn’t know about the average person you see every day,” said Krystal Alexis, promotions director of WSR and SUTV and host of “15 Minutes of Fame.” Alexis said the goal is to bring more connection and build a stronger community at Stevenson because listeners can learn more about people on campus.

WSR began in 2011 in the School of Business’s copy room, according to Aaron Harris, director of digital broadcast media. SUTV was started later that year. WSR and SUTV, now completely student-run, offer students a way to be a part of Stevenson culture and enhance student life, said Harris.

“That is what WSR and SUTV are here for,” said Harris. “I want students to be creative and come up with ideas. It’s all for the students.” It does not matter what major a student is pursuing; anyone can be involved in the programs.

Aaron Harris, director of digital broadcast media, oversees Wild Stang Radio and SUTV. (Photo courtesy of Krystal Alexis).

Christine Favata, a Stevenson alumni and the previous promotions director at WSR and SUTV, initially started “15 Minutes of Fame” last semester. Favata hosted several episodes of “15 Minutes of Fame,” including one episode featuring Tom McLean, a well-established musical artist who goes by the name of Modern Nomad, with over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

“15 Minutes of Fame” is currently recruiting students and faculty members to be on the show. It will begin broadcasting later this October, and Alexis hopes to capture a student or faculty member story once a month.

The podcast will be live-streamed on @mustangmediasu on Instagram, and it will be posted on Stevenson University’s official YouTube channel. Students and faculty members can also follow @stevensonTV on Facebook for further updates about what WSR and SUTV has planned.

If anyone in the Stevenson community knows a student or faculty member who has something special that could be worth sharing on this podcast, they can direct message Alexis through @mustangmediasu on Instagram. Students who are interested in starting their own podcast can reach out to Harris.

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