Students relocate during move week

Although some college students are eager to move into a new place with new people, other students can be reluctant or regretful about where they are placed.

To address this problem, Move Week is held from Sept. 11 until Sept. 14. During this time, residents have the opportunity to move from room to room or building to building within their area, with no questions asked. Residents are sent an email informing them about the dates, times, places, and people to ask for more information prior to Move Week.

Students welcome new roommates into their residents halls. (Photo from SU Flickr)

Norman Greenwell, a resident assistant for the fourth floor of Susquehanna Hall, explained, “RAs [Resident Assistants] try to prevent residents from moving out as much as possible, through roommate agreements, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution… It’s not something that we [RAs] enjoy doing, because we have to do Room Condition Reports for all the new residents, but our job is to place the needs and concerns of the residents above our own,” he added. “If it ensures the safety and security of the residents, then we, as RAs, must take every possible measure to fulfill that request.”

Pull-in Day is on Sept. 11. It is for residents who have vacancies in their room and would like to “pull in” someone to fill the spot.  If residents do not pull anyone into their room on that day, then that room vacancy becomes open to all residents during Open Move.

Open Move is from  Sept. 12 through Sept. 14 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. During this time, residents are allowed to move from room to room and building to building. For example, if a first-year student lives in Western Run, he or she can only move to the other assigned first-year buildings—Patapsco or Susquehanna. The same is true for sophomores, who can only move into the residence halls of Wakefield, Herring Run and Wooded Way, and upperclassmen who are living in the apartments.

If students do not know where they want to live, the “Residence Life’s SU Now Portal site Announcement Tab” has a list of rooms that have an open vacancy. Once Residence Life formalizes the move, residents will have 24 hours to relocate to their new room.