New university president begins governance

New university president begins governance

Stevenson’s new president, Elliot Hirshman, started his term at the university in early July 2017, and has since been eager and excited to talk with students and staff about future plans for the school, the right educational experience for students, and adapting to different environments.

President Elliot Hirshman is greeted by Interim President Claire Moore on his first day at Stevenson University. Hirshman previously served as president of San Diego State University. (Photo from Stevenson University Twitter)

Hirshman has expectations for providing a first-rate educational experience for students.

“It is very important to see that students are at a critical moment in their life; personally,  intellectually, and physically,” he said, adding that it is his personal goal to make sure that students at the school develop in each of these areas every way possible.

“When coming into college your first semester, you’re not going to be the same person you are three semesters from now,” he explained, noting that he wants to see growth not only among the students themselves, but the school as a whole.

Hirshman came from San Diego State University,  a school of about 34,000 students, where he had been president since 2011. Under his leadership there, according to a press release, “SDSU implemented an integrated budget and financial strategy; raised more than $800 million in private philanthropy for scholarships and new initiatives and programs; and established and endowed its Honors College.”

So, why Stevenson? Why the switch from a big university to a small one? The answer is simple for Hirshman.

“Stevenson has a lot of strengths that other schools do not have,” he said, mentioning life on campus that revolves around the faculty, staff and students.

“The faculty and staff  care deeply about every student, and that makes SU stand out among all the colleges and universities. Stevenson also has a focus on career preparation, which allows students to succeed economically,” he said.

Hirshman added that Stevenson has a lot in store for the future, with big expectations from the administration. The first task is an opportunity to develop space for students in Garrison Hall, as well as to build a quad in front of Rockland, Garrison Hall, and the School of Business. Another task will be to develop the Rosewood property that was purchased from the state for $1.

Hirshman said he is excited to continue his journey at a new school and knows that, with great effort, other great things will come. Now in the fall semester of 2017, the Stevenson Mustangs are “up and rollin’,” as Hirshman said.