“Stranger Things” continues to scare

Stranger Things continues to scare

Unique from any show before, “Stranger Things” provides viewers with an experience like no other.  A cast filled with young stars including Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Bobbie Brown and Finn Wolfhard, the show proved to be a huge win for producers Matt and Ross Duffer.  The producers rode this young cast, along with big Hollywood names Winona Ryder and David Harbour, to success in the first season which premiered in 2016.

The promotional posters for season two are remakes of classic horror films, such as this Alien inspired poster. (Photo from IMDb)

“Stranger Things,” described as a “love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80’s” by the Duffer Brothers, gives viewers a blend of comedy, suspense and sometimes horror all while stringing viewers along a dark, twisted story line.  The show takes place in Hawkins, Indiana, a small town with not much to talk about.  However, when young Will disappears after a night out with friends, it sends the town into a confused and anxious frenzy.

Police chief Hopper (David Harbour) along with the young boy’s mother Joyce (Winona Rider) spend countless days searching for clues in the boy’s disappearance.  While the two of them search, the boy’s friends Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLoughlin) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) look for clues around town.  Without giving away too much of the storyline, the boys later run into a mysterious girl who tells them she goes by the name ‘Eleven.’  They come to learn she’s escaped from a secret government lab located in the town, and may have something to do with Will’s disappearance.

The show’s return this month is being heavily promoted by Netflix, as it has reached a large crowd of  viewers following the season one success.  Trailers, interviews with the producers and cast, as well as promotional posters can be found on many social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter, offering teasers for the upcoming season.

An supernaturalistic poster showing police chief Hopper in a dark pumpkin patch, isolated and holding a flashlight, was tweeted out on the “Stranger Things” Twitter page on October 1 with the caption, “Trick or treat.”  The producers and social media accounts have kept the story line for season two secretive and intriguing, surely leading up to an action-packed season with hopes of delivering the same magic they did for the first season.

“There’s a new tension we want to build to that big climactic moment as if it was a big feature film,” said the Duffer Brothers in an interview earlier this year.  Viewers don’t have much longer to wait and see what the Hawkins crew has up their sleeve for the new season of “Stranger Things.” Episodes start streaming on Netflix Oct. 27, 2017.