Campus Rec gets new assistant director

Campus Rec gets new assistant director

Campus Recreation’s new assistant director, Laura Waginger, plans to rebuild the Stevenson Campus Recreation name. Waginger started her position in late January when she began to help grow intramural and club sports. She will be working alongside Campus Recreation director Matt Grimm and Kris Dejesus, who runs the intramural sports teams at Stevenson.

Laura Waginger, the new Campus Recreation assistant director

Waginger was introduced to this position in hopes of creating more fitness lifestyle and outdoor adventure programs for students.

“We (Campus Rec) are an outlet that we want to provide,” said Waginger. The idea is to engage students who are looking to become healthier by promoting physical activity.

“There are so many different avenues within campus recreation, but fitness is our main point right now,” she said.  She conducted surveys to gather information on which fitness classes would most interesting to the students. She decided that circuit training, TRX and Zumba classes will be good choices. Circuit training is set to take place in the fitness center. Locations for Zumba and Yoga throughout the new Garrison building are to be determined.

As an alternative to group fitness classes, Waginger’s goal is to present “structured outdoor adventures.” These adventures will be a different experience than the typical indoor gym workouts. Options such as skiing, rafting and group hikes are planned to be offered for students when they return to campus from their spring break. Costs of trips will vary based on distance, group size and activity. It is estimated the fees will be low in order to accommodate students’ budgets.

Although she has only been here for about four weeks, Waginger says that everyone has been welcoming and that she is “glad to be here at Stevenson.” Campus Recreation marketing assistant Alicia Kilgore collaborates with Waginger to find creative ways to inform students about recreational options. Kilgore are Waginger will be regularly posting on the Campus Rec’s Instagram page @su_campusrecreaction. Hours and information will be available here as well.