Self-improvement book inspires happiness

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Happiness is not a simple achievement. It’s is a way of being that one must work at daily. In “Simple Happiness Starts Now: 8 Steps Towards It,” Sara Wellington explains how readers can remain happy at all times, with or without winning the Powerball.

“Simple Happiness Starts Now,” the first book in Wellington’s self-improvement series, is an inspirational guide. Wellington, a Goodreads author, recently published “Simple Happiness Starts Now” in December 2015, posing the question, “Are you happy?” The book outlines eight steps people can follow toward happiness: self-esteem, gratitude, love, internal locus of control, lifelong learning, contribution and letting go. With each step, Wellington teaches readers how to obtain happiness that is not a temporary reaction to circumstance, but one that is natural and lasting.

“Simple Happiness Starts Now” is an innovative book that easily outlines the author’s message: Be happy! The book features specific and relatable examples throughout that help readers to see themselves in the writing. “Simple Happiness Starts Now” has simple exercises to practice and succeed at each step. The book also has underlined key points and quotes to inspire readers and keep them on track. Best of all, “Simple Happiness Starts Now” is free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited.

The book also has its weaknesses. Unfortunately, Wellington is not a well-known author. This makes the book a bit obscure, and people are less likely to read it. However, since it was recently published, this may soon change. “Simple Happiness Starts Now” can most likely be noticed while scrolling through Kindle for free books. The book also includes a few typos, but they do not overshadow the motivational work.

Wellington writes, “Happiness under all conditions will give you the confidence and strength to fight against all the odds and come out as a winner.” After reading, studying and applying the steps in “Simple Happiness Starts Now,” readers are destined to be winners.

“Simple Happiness Starts Now” can be found for free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited, or for $2.99 without. In the future, the book may also be available in several other online stores such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.