Chatime, a new boba tea restaurant in Owings Mills, offers students a hangout spot, tasty treats and an expansive drink menu


Chatime Owings Mills is a Boba Tea restaurant located at 10902 Boulevard Cir #2, Owings Mills, Maryland, next to Five Guys and Kebob House. They offer over 120 types of drinks from Matcha Mousse to Honeydew Slush. They also sell various Asian foods to go along with a beverage of your choice.  

As stated by their website, Chatime strives to produce the highest quality drinks to satisfy every customer’s needs. They only use the best-imported tea leaves and quality ingredients, minus additives and preservatives. Boba tea is mixed with milk or fruits and topped off with tapioca pearls. 

Chatime Owings Mills Location. Photo by Alyse Smith

“The quality of the drinks has always been really good in my experience. They really take their time making them and have no problem giving recommendations,” sophomore psychology major Shianne Ferguson said.  

Chatime serves variations of drinks that consist of milk tea, mousse, fresh tea, Chatime QQ, smoothies, oriental tea, fruit tea, and refreshing juice. 

“You can also adjust the ice and sugar levels if you’re not a fan of sweet drinks. Suppose you don’t like boba or haven’t tried it, no need to worry! You don’t have to add toppings if you don’t want to”, said senior nursing major Katrina Manabat. 

 Most drinks and food will cost around five dollars. To accompany your drink Chatime offers food such as dumplings, sticky rice lotus leaf wraps, hopia ubes, rice burgers, chicken empanadas, and ube paos.  

Chatime’s snack bar and menu. Photo by Alyse Smith

The Chatime franchise was founded in Tawain in 2005 and aims to be the most-loved freshly brewed bubble tea. The name “Chatime” stems from the word “cha” meaning tea, indicating that it’s “teatime.”  

When walking into Chatime, customers are typically greeted by the owner Albert Zubieta. He is more than happy to help guide customers to the perfect drink of their preference. 

“I absolutely love the ambiance of the store itself, and that’s all thanks to the wonderful and welcoming man in charge, Albert. Albert is so kind and pleasant, and if you go enough like me and my friends, he will remember your face and name,” Manabat said. 

 Zubieta’s goal is to have your taste buds as well as your in-shop comfort satisfied.   

“I want it to be a fun hub, not only for the students but for everyone in the community,” Zubieta said.  

Chatime Owings Mills’ seating area. Photo by Alyse Smith

There are multiple tables and chairs that allow people to catch up on work, socialize with friends, and enjoy all of the goodies Chatime has to provide.  

“The environment is really cozy and aesthetically pleasing. This place definitely has a hang-out spot vibe,” Ferguson said.   

By the end of spring 2023, the goal is for students should be able to use flex dollars that are included in SU meal plans, at the Owings Mills Chatime.  

Zubieta also shared that he would love for students to have the opportunity to showcase their artwork at his store. He is searching for local artists to partner with. He can be contacted at [email protected].