BSU plans to host gospel night event


Black Student Union choir’s performane last year at Gospel Night. (Photo from SU Flickr).

The Black Student Union at Stevenson University plans to host a Gospel Night on Sunday, Nov. 20. Gospel Night includes a concert performed by the BSU’s Gospel Choir.

Black Student Union choir's performane last year at Gospel Night. (Photo from SU Flickr).
Black Student Union choir’s performance at last year’s Gospel Night. (Photo from SU Flickr).

The BSU choir hopes to emulate the spirituality that their culture is built upon with their opportunity to minister through their songs, according to BSU president and former choir member, Erica James. As a result of the Gospel night’s close proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday, the Black Student Union also plans to host their Soul Food Sunday event directly following Gospel Night.

Each semester the event includes around 100 guests from the Stevenson community. Thanks to the event’s recent success, this semester the Black Student Union will sell tickets for the theatre’s capacity, around 375 people. Some notable guests from the Stevenson community who have attended in prior years include Kevin J. Manning, president of the university; Claire Moore, vice president of student affairs; and Jeff Kelly, dean of students.

James said she has been performing in the Gospel Night as a choir member since she was a freshman, but plans to help direct and organize this year’s event.


“I think that watching our new choir members grow from the stage they were when they auditioned, to how well we expect them to perform at the Gospel Night is a huge highlight of each semester’s event. Seeing how much the music and worship from the choir has an impact on the people who came out to support our event really make it all worthwhile,” said James.

The Black Student Union not only looks forward to performing the songs that they have been practicing all semester, but they are also seeking to help shine a light on more ethnically inclined worship through their performance. Since the event focuses on worship, the design will mirror a typical church service.

“We’re really looking for people to walk away feeling blessed, being happy with the event, and wanting more,” said James.

Tickets are available at The Rock and the Green Zone.