Q-Group to host talent show

This year the Q Group (Photo by Brenna Lane)

This year the Q Group (Photo by Brenna Lane)

The Q-Group at Stevenson University is preparing to host a talent show that will feature the many talents the group has to offer. The event will take place on Dec. 3 and will be hosted by senior Kara Stone, president of the Q-group.

Students perform a variety of acts at the annual Queer Talent Show. (Photo from The Q Group Facebook page)
Students will perform a variety of acts at the annual Queer Talent Show. This photo is from last year’s performance. (Photo from the Q Group Facebook page)

The show provides a safe space for all performers and attendees to express themselves without feeling judged or disliked. The show will also be featuring talents from outside of Stevenson since the group offers spots to additional supporters of the club, explained Stone.

“This is the second year the event has been going on, and it was originally a replacement for our gala because it was less formal, and it gives the students a chance to show they are not just who they identify as, but also that they have talent to expose to the world,” said Stone.

There will be singers, dance groups and comedy routines that aim to defy the stereotypes of sexual orientation and gender roles. The event offers a spot for people to open up about any emotions that they are feeling, in a healthy way in front of their peers.

“Queer talents is a time for all of Stevenson to watch gay take over talent,” said Savanna Breslin, a member of the group.

The group is currently reaching out to other schools in the area to include them in the audience or as performers.