Holiday Bash incorporates diversity

Photo from Residence Hall Association Facebook.

Photo from Residence Hall Association Facebook.


Stevenson’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) will hold its first Holiday Bash on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Ratcliffe Community Center on the Owings Mills campus.

Students across campus have started decorating their dorms for the holiday season. (Photo from Carly Ensor).

The Holiday Bash will offer a similar setting to Mustang Make a Difference Day, where organizations across campus will provide interactive stations inside Ratcliffe for students.

This event is offered as a way for students to relax and de-stress the weekend before finals. All who attend are welcome to participate in the activities, which include making a craft such as a snowflake or an ornament.

Ashley Meyer, a sophomore student athlete, said that finals are her biggest stressor in college. “I dread finals every semester and really drain myself studying, so I am happy to hear that the Holiday Bash is happening so I have something to do when I need a break,” said Meyer.

Along with crafts, students will be given the opportunity to make the Holiday Bash a learning experience as well. Religious groups across campus are encouraged to set up stations as well and provide information about the religion they celebrate, explaining their holidays and traditions.

“We’re trying to incorporate diversity and inclusion through this event, and showing that side of Stevenson because we are all different and maybe have people learn a fun fact while doing something,” explained Ariel Loewenthal, president of RHA.

Loewenthal said that it does not matter whether students stay at the Holiday Bash for five minutes or two hours, it is beneficial either way for all involved.

This is RHA’s second official year as a club at Stevenson. This year, the club wants to establish its presence on campus and is therefore holding this university-wide event. Those who have any further questions about the event should contact the Office of Residence Life or RHA via campus email.