New game set during World War 1

EA and DICE developers have delivered a fresh and unique installment to the Battlefield series with the release of Battlefield 1. Moving away from the modern warfare cliché that has been popular in many other shooter video games, Battlefield 1 takes its players back to World War 1.

Battlefield is a series of video games that were first released in 2002. (Photo from
Battlefield is a series of video games that were first released in 2002. (Photo from

Unlike in past installments of the Battlefield series, the single-player campaign focuses on several specific characters and stories, rather than following one narrative. This gives players a new experience every time they begin the single-player campaign.

The producers at DICE spent a long time working on the single-player component of this game. Players will learn the stories of the many different characters over the course of World War 1. Most of the stories are unique ones, which makes for new and exciting moments in the game.

Each story told in the game has its own twist or skill requirement. Some missions in the game may require the player to fly an airplane, while other missions involve operating a tank or participating in hand-to-hand combat. Battlefield 1’s campaign mode is made up of five war stories, each taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. The missions are short and succinct, which makes the game move quickly.

Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign is a solid series of adventures with some memorable moments. The main idea of the single-player mode is to get familiar with all of the weapons and other accessories that will be used in the multiplayer version of the game. In the multiplayer mode, players will become familiar with weapons and machinery that are appropriate for the setting in World War 1, including planes, tanks and weapons.

DICE also made a few changes to the gameplay that offer a more realistic experience. In Battlefield 1, targeting enemy players online is more difficult and now requires more skill.

The large-scale approach for which Battlefield is known still works well in Battlefield 1. Popular for large-scale combat, Battlefield 1 delivers that yet again. A wide range of online maps with different elements improves the overall quality of the gameplay. It does not feel as if the same maps are being played repeatedly.

As a whole, the developers at both DICE and EA did an incredible job with Battlefield 1. The single-player campaign is fresh since it never repeats the same story. The multiplayer gameplay is historically accurate and requires a certain skill level from the players. The combination of both a well-developed single-player mode as well as a strong multiplayer mode sets this game apart from the rest.