Campus trends include music, sports


In a college environment, the trends are constantly changing.  Whether at a large state university like the University of Maryland College Park, or at a smaller university like Stevenson University, something new and exciting is always taking over the student body.  This spring on Stevenson’s campus, certain locations, music, student involvement and other activities are trending among students.

Canadian rapper Drake released his newest album “More Life” on March 18. (Photo from Google Images).

Trending now on Stevenson’s campus is the increased student use of the beach volleyball courts next to Mustang Stadium. Added last year, these courts have proven to be a popular attraction for students.  Prior to the addition of these courts, the only sand court on campus was located in the freshman quad.  Students now have another option for leisure activity and have taken advantage of it. Sophomore Chazz Collison said, “The beach volleyball courts have been awesome for weekends where we get sun and warm weather; it’s a great way to take advantage of the school’s resources.”

In music, Drake’s new album, “More Life” is a major trend.  The Toronto-based rapper released his newest album on March 18, and it has been a hit ever since. Music from the album plays in the dining hall, the Mustang Stadium, and can even be heard playing in students’ cars as they drive around campus. While it’s true that new music from a popular artist is often heard around campus, the sounds of “More Life” are everywhere, and is clearly a hit among the student body. Junior Nick Jachera said, “We play it in the locker room and listen to it sometimes on the weekend. I’ve even heard some of the songs playing in Rockland or Pandinis.”

Student involvement in Stevenson’s clubs, organizations, and campus events continues to grow. Recent events such as the Spring Fling have been a hit for the student body. Clubs such as PAWS, FCA, and M.I.L.E. are enjoying unprecedented popularity. FCA President Payton Girod said, “By getting involved with a club, you give yourself the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the diversity that is present here at Stevenson.” Activities such as the Food Truck Rally, which will be held on May 6, have proven to gain student interest in the past.

Stevenson is a diverse campus that offers students many ways to get involved and take part in the most recent trends.