Concrete Boys – “It’s Us Vol. 1”

The modern rap collective led by Lil Yachty is hot on the scene with debut album
Concrete Boys - Its Us Vol. 1

After a viral freestyle performance on the hit radio show On the Radar and sporadic music videos since 2021, the Concrete Boys have been consistently upping their game ever since. The group is led by since-evolved “One Night” star Lil Yachty and on April 5, released their debut project “It’s Us Vol. 1.”

The new rap collective operates under Yachty’s label Concrete Rekordz and includes the Atlanta native and four close friends he’s made along the way, most of which also hail from The A.

As relative freshman in the rap scene, the Concrete Boys have already found their greatest strength: Delivery, or its variety to be more specific. Each member’s unique vocal style compliments the others to provide everything listeners could want from a new unknown project.

From a content standpoint, this album may not necessarily be life-changing, but the project’s overall energy is perfect for a fun, carefree listen dropping right before summer 2024 is upon us.

In Pitchfork’s 6.1 review the morning of April 15, Yachty is described as a “wannabe,” “on autopilot,” and engaging in “rapper cosplay,” which seems to miss the plot. What Lil Boat has been able to accomplish since his arrival is nothing short of a one-of-a-kind feat. Whether you love or hate his nasally vocal delivery, goofy attitude, frequent lack of substance, he won’t change. From coloring his hair to rapping about a phase sipping lean to creating a completely out of nowhere psych rock album, Yachty will continue to pursue whatever he feels is the next step.

One of the best parts about the 48-minute album is its production and the jazz influence throughout. A simple trumpet burst on “PLAYA WALKIN,” hypnotic boom-bap-esque saxophone samples on “LA REID,” flutes appearing on “HIT DIFF,” and more help to create an unforgettable atmosphere to the project. The best sample of the whole album arrives on the tenth track, DC2trill’s “MY LIFE” where he drops casual verses over a beautifully flipped saxophone solo off of Glenn Frey’s “You Belong to the City.”

Although Yachty appears most on “It’s Us Vol. 1,” each artist brings something different to the ‘Crete, so it’s important to get to know them individually as the group has tangible chemistry and plans on being here to stay.


Instagram – @karrahbooo

Karrahbooo originally worked as Yachty’s assistant and had dreams of one day being a rapper and eventually an actress. That is, until 2021 when Yachty decided to fire her.

Post-termination, Booo released her first single “Money Counter” on YouTube which caught Yachty’s attention once again, leading him to backtrack and eventually sign her as a core member of the label. Karrahboo has found her footing in the game through nonchalant delivery and inflection that creates a unique sound, especially compared to many of today’s top female rap talent.

She’s a constant standout on the new project with great back and forth moments with Boat, loose delivery that oozes confidence, and comedic punchlines every time she gets the chance.

“I been moving with the guys, I’m the black sheep,” Booo said on “HIT DIFF,” commenting on her role as the only woman in a group titled “boys,” yet holding her own and in my opinion, carrying the project by creating the same feeling of anticipation for what she’ll say next verse after verse.


Instagram – @Draftday

Draft Day

Draft Day moved from Florida to ATL before becoming the first artist Yachty signed to Concrete Rekordz in early 2021. Draft makes his first appearance on the third track “DIALED IN ” and immediately makes sound known.

With a scratchy voice that sounds borderline painful, he somehow makes it work alongside smooth tones from the others. Typically spitting over the more hard-hitting, bass-heavy beats on the project, Draft Day serves as the ‘Crete’s muscle, bringing a rougher edge to round out more laid back members like Yachty and Booo.


Instagram – @dc2trill


The only member not from Atlanta, DC2trill hails from Port Arthur, Texas. As far as sound goes, DC’s is the most typical in terms of what you expect from a rapper.

Rather than doing something outlandish or different to stand out, DC instead provides a sense of normalcy, like an anchor keeping the more vocally divergent Yachty and Draft Day from taking experimentation too far on songs like “PLAYA WALKIN.”


Instagram – @31camo


The group’s youngest member fulfills the role that you’d expect from an old head. Throughout the project Camo time and again seems to have the most consistent writing ability in terms of creative and effective punchlines.

On the project’s first track, “POINT ME TO IT,” Yachty creates a drill beat that I’d never have imagined hearing from a sample off Pinegrove’s 2015 indie song turned TikTok hit, “Need 2.” In true Yachty fashion, the Atlanta native seamlessly merges the two genres and trades solid verses with Camo! who promptly demonstrates his ability to carry a track with a great hook.

In totality “It’s Us Vol. 1” is yet another creative step for Yachty that involves the 26 year-old to follow a new direction while simultaneously putting on four talented friends he’s come up with over the years. Whether it’s mellow background tracks, summer party bangers, or heavier tracks to blast at the gym that you’re looking for, the Concrete Boys’ debut is sure to have something to enjoy.

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