Like many students looking to seek a better education, most would agree that graduation is most essential. I had big ambitions of graduation, being able to display to family and friends all I accomplished. Through all the hard work and dedication, completing countless hours of work, I was eager for the day where I could walk across that stage and receive my diploma. These dreams would soon be cut short, turning to confusion and disappointment. These dreams would soon be cut short, turning to confusion and disappointment. I never expected to be involved in a pandemic called Covid-19.

Entering my last year of college, I had high expectations of finishing strong. I knew that if I stayed dedicated to my work, it would be smooth sailing to graduation. Midway through my college experience, I switched from business administration to my current major, interdisciplinary studies. My transition in majors automatically caused me to add on an additional year to my four-year plan, as if I was not already eager enough to obtain my degree. But at the start of my senior year, I had all the pieces needed to finish. Nothing could get in my way.

My fall semester went by successfully, as I stuck to my plan, and did everything I needed to do to be successful. This included participating in extra credit assignments, emailing my teachers, seeking help for revisions, and cooperating in class. I realized if I just stuck to treating my Spring semester like my fall semester, I would be in good shape.

Suddenly, my Spring semester was approaching quicker than usual. I worked on my schedule that would best accommodate me: six classes and an internship,totaling 21 credits and the biggest load I had ever dealt with in a single semester. I understood what I was going up against, and I  knew that if I just stuck to my plans everything would be okay.

The day I left home to start my first last semester of school was one of the saddest days I have had in a long time. On Sunday, January 6, 2020, breaking news was released that the well renowned basketball player, Kobe Bryant, had passed in a tragic helicopter accident alongside his daughter and many others. As big as a basketball fan,and someone who played all throughout highschool, Kobe Bryant was someone I admired. This had already started my semester off on the wrong foot. I just took it as a minor setback for the major anticipation of graduation soon to come.

Around the same time of Kobe Bryant passing. I was slightly becoming more aware of the coronavirus. As weeks passed in my second semester, the majority of the media outlets were still covering the death of Kobe Bryant, but there was also discussion surrounding COVID-19. With so much confusion and controversy already hovering over the new year, I started to develop an eerie feeling about how the rest of the semester would play out.   

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Before I knew it, COVID-19 had begun to spread like wildfire, affecting every part of the globe within a matter of time. COVID-19 had rapidly turned into a worldwide pandemic, leaving many unprepared. I could not imagine that this widespread disease could have affected the entire world. Soon, everyday news showed the destruction of this virus. Doctors and researchers alike had been seen working desperately to find a cure, as there is still little to be known about this fatal virus. Nurses, practitioners, and other first responders have been actively fighting on the front lines to keep up with the rapid contraction of this illness. As a result, humans all over the world have been forced to become accustomed to a new way of life.

As things could not get any worse, new rules were imposed by local officials trying to combat the virus, implementing rules like social distancing and quarantine practices. These new guidelines set by our government as a reaction to helping the spread of COVID-19, is, unfortunately, why I will be missing my graduation ceremony in May, along with the remainder of any face-to-face class experiences. .

My life as I knew it has been flipped upside down, leaving me in a state of deep confusion. This was supposed to be my most memorable year, with my well thought-out plan guiding me on my way. The school year was shortly cut after . I had to readjust my whole plan. I am someone who needs planning to help cope with any anxiety I might have. I knew the remainder of the semester would be challenging.

Therefore, making a new plan was essential to me in order to feel a sense of peace during this time. I knew staying organized and reaching out to my professors immediately regarding any questions I had, were vital. Being stuck at home, my environment had been completely changed. It did not take long to adapt to this new way of living and learning, but it was not easy either. The future for me still seems unsettling because most events are postponed until further notice, including my highly anticipated graduation ceremony.         

We all have a story we can attest to about how this virus has impacted our lives. With the infection rate and death toll increasing in great numbers each and every day, the world is left to wonder when its effects will diminish and allow normalcy to return. This virus has made me realize that some plans can happen completely different then what you anticipated. It is key to react fast and diligently, in order to maintain that plan, no matter what life throws at you. COVID-19 has made me more appreciative of the things I have around me. I am stronger when it comes to dealing with stressful situations. But so many unanswered questions remain, along with the fear that this outbreak could last much longer. Until then, it is important to keep a positive mind, and to follow guidelines to flatten the curve of those affected by COVID-19.    

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