SUTV promotes student life

SUTV promotes student life

SUTV is the student-run television communications outlet at Stevenson University. Comprised of a dedicated and eager staff of students, the channel  brings a sense of unity and camaraderie to the university faculty, staff, and students. Staff members report on campus events, music, sports, university promo videos and more. SUTV has a tremendous impact on the culture of the campus identity through its promotions.

Here, the SUTV team films “Dorm Cook-Off,” and later the video was posted on Youtube.

Christine Favata, promotions director, is one of many students working for the station.

Favata’s job is to help handle the promotion and marketing of the organization to both the student body and alumni. SUTV’s collaborative job is to make material relevant to what current and new students want to see.

Favata said that she believes the organization is great for students interested in media as well as for the rest of the student population.

“Anyone with an eye for creativity or people who enjoy working on creative collaborative projects” can get involved, said Favata. “We’re always looking for new members. Almost every single one of our projects have come from the ideas of students. My favorite part about it all is taking an idea and turning it into a video. I love looking back and realize that we [SUTV] did that, we made that.”

An important aspect of what comprises SUTV is the organization’s responsibility as a branch of the Stevenson University’s Digital Media team. What is produced always has to represent Stevenson in a positive and welcoming light.

SUTV staffers work on a behind-the-scenes look at the next episode of “15 Minutes of Fame.” (Photo courtesy of SUTV Facebook page)

A general understanding at the SUTV studio is that these videos could be the reason someone comes to SU, signs up for a club, or goes to an event. Watching a video is a way for students who participate in campus life to get a recap on an event they have been to or learn about an event that they want to go to. At SUTV, promos are taken seriously because members understand the impact on the current and potential student body.

For Favata, this was a major reason for joining the organization.

“I am getting real life experience in the marketing and media world. I work to best promote and represent the school I love. It’s a lot of fun, but I also feel like I’m growing and learning from the opportunity to be on the SUTV staff, and it will benefit me later on in my career path,” said Favata.

SUTV content can be found on the Stevenson YouTube page under SUTV Student Productions, on Facebook , and Instagram @mustang_media_su.