Q Group to present “Queer Talents”

Q Group to present Queer Talents

Stevenson University’s Q Group is preparing for its first event of the year, the annual Queer Talents show on Nov. 17.

Anthony Plaag is a senior resident assistant and a member of the Q Group. (Photo courtesy of the Q Group)

Rockland Banquet Hall will be transformed into a stage for all Stevenson students wanting to showcase their talents at 8:30 p.m. for the event. The goal of the Queer Talents show is to allow the community to share their artwork through any medium and give the students a voice.

Queer Talents is intended for everyone, not just those in the LGBTQIA+ community, as it is light, interactive and fun.

Olivia Apicella, the secretary of the club, said, “It’s a way we want to promote any people in the LGBT community to share their artwork or their performance. We don’t do people who just sing and dance—people have done stand-up comedy, or they read a poem, or even visual arts, like if they have a painting they’d like to share.”

All are encouraged to participate, whether it is through showcasing a talent or be a part of the audience. Participants will be interacting with the audience. In the past, there have been improvisation performances with the need for volunteers from the audience, as well as a time for those in the crowd who decide they want to show their talents during the show.

Participants and the audience will have a chance to vote for the favorite performance of the night. Last year, ballots were handed out to the audience who were encouraged to pick their three favorite performances. From there, winners were announced and given prize baskets.

“This is just one of our more relaxed events. It won’t be as impactful as, say, the ‘Coming Out’ Monologues; this is just a fun little thing,” said Georgie Williams, the Q Group president. This is Williams’ first semester as the president of the group.

The Q Group is the campus’s LGBTQIA+ club. The goal of the club is to show equality and solidarity among all Stevenson students. Q Group meetings are open to all in the queer community, as well as to allies. Meetings are held every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in room 405 in the Brown School of Business and Leadership.

The event has no audition process, as it is meant to be inclusive. To sign up for a spot at the show, send performance ideas to the Q Group’s Stevenson email by Nov. 1.