“Stevie U 72” film fest returns to campus

Students working together to film for the 2018 Stevie U 72 hour film fest. (Photo from Cameron Smith)

Students working together to film for the 2018 Stevie U 72 hour film fest. (Photo from Cameron Smith)

The National Broadcasting Society and Film and Moving Image (NBS-FMI) Club at Stevenson University is hosting the third annual Stevie U 72 film festival from Nov. 2-9, featuring new student films.

(Poster courtesy of Christopher Reed)

Participants were given 72 hours to write, shoot and edit their film from Nov. 2-4.

“It is thrilling to try to make a movie in three days, but it is also challenging,” said Matthew Patti, president of the NBS-FMI Club and a participant last year. “A lot of energy goes into it. If you are good enough, it will pay off at the end.”

Students from all majors had the opportunity to sign up for the festival by Nov. 2. Each team was comprised of one to three contestants who take on the major roles in the film process, including director, writer, editor and cinematographer. The teams also include other students who assist with the production of the film.

Robert Morison III, director of public relations of the NBS-FMI Club and a two-year participant of Stevie U 72, said that the festival is “a race against the clock” and a team-building experience, adding that the festival helps participants hone their skills.

All teams were provided with the same challenges, but this year, they were able to choose from a list of genres. The challenges included two or three things that the teams had to incorporate in either the dialog or another aspect of the film. All films had to be shot during the three-day period.

“Having students work under that structure, but also free beyond that to do whatever they want [with their films] — I think it is really great training for the filmmakers of tomorrow,” said Christopher Reed, professor and chair of film and moving image and advisor of the NBS-FMI Club.

Students work together to film for the 2018 Stevie U 72 hour film fest. (Photo from Cameron Smith)

On the day of the film screenings, three judges, who are either industry professionals or Stevenson alumni, critique the films. The films are judged on narrative, cinematography, editing, and completion of all of the requirements.

“Film majors make class projects with many parameters. In this [contest], they can make whatever they want as long as they meet the requirements. It’s the freedom that film majors like,” Patti added.

Film screenings will take place on Friday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. in the School of Design Soundstage (SOD 101) on the Owings Mills North campus. A reception is scheduled before the screenings, at 6 p.m. in the lobby of the School of Design.

Winners of the film festival receive Amazon gift cards. The first-place team will receive a $210 gift card; the second-place team wins receives a $150 gift card. Both the third-place team and the team that wins the “audience award” receive $90 each.

Reed said, “I am a big fan of this event and allowing people to come and see what our students do.”

The NBS-FMI Club is open to all students. The club produces films from scripts that club members create, screens movies, hosts movie trips and events on campus, and collaborates with other student organizations on events.