Mission: I’m Home prepares for 2020 trip

Restoring the Foundation for a new home Photo from Villager Files

Restoring the Foundation for a new home Photo from Villager Files

The Mission: I’m Home program at Stevenson University will be going on a spring break trip beginning March 14, 2020, to Houston, Texas, and returning March 21.

It will be the second time the program will travel to Texas, this time in response to Hurricane Harvey. Participants are required to participate in fundraising efforts to help defray the costs of the trip, which is $480, plus the cost of transportation.

Students have attended service trips with Mission: Im Home to help rebuild cities after they have experienced natural disasters. (Photo from Mission: I’m Home Facebook)

Stevenson’s Mission: I’m Home program is dedicated to helping families recover their homes after natural disasters. During breaks from each semester, students and staff travel to locations affected by hurricanes and flooding.

The program partners with another nonprofit organization called SBP to work on rebuilding homes. The program also has commitment to service in the Baltimore area and organizes a few local events each semester, with members encouraging anyone to join.

Laura Gerrick, the president of the Mission: I’m Home program, said,”Our Motto is “Eat, Dance, and Work.” It describes the overall energy the group creates on each of the trips.

There will be about  20 people participating in this trip, including three or four faculty and staff members. A typical week on one of the program’s trips begins with a tour of the St. Bernard Project (SBP) facilities to learn more about how the organization help families recover after the natural disasters. The program then would work the remainder of the week at the job site, putting in about 40 hours of volunteer work. Participants will stay at the Bethel Baptist Church.

Participants in Mission: I’m Home help to restore the foundation for a new home (Villager file photo)

Jobs may range from demolition to drywall installation, even including finishing touches on houses by laying floors and putting up baseboards and trim. SBP teaches the volunteers how to do the work, so it does not matter if they do not have experience with construction.

When the program is not at the job site, participants spend time dime doing cultural activities by exploring the city and getting to sample some of the local cuisine. When students return to campus, they generally describe the experience as life-altering and are left with a sense of appreciation and belonging within the Mission: I’m Home family.

For questions, contact Gerrick or student Stephanie Buttino for more information on the trip and the program. Non-refundable deposits of $175 are due Dec. 15, and interested students can sign up here.