Success Closet suits students

Success Closet suits students

Stevenson’s Success Closet is an initiative on campus for students who need professional apparel and styling tips.

The Success Closet, located in SOBL 400, is partnered with the Career Connection Center and Enactus, a student organization focused on social entrepreneurship that serves as a consultant for businesses with a social mission. Holly Schiller, associate professor of marketing and business administration, as well as the advisor for the Success Closet with Enactus, said the goal of the Closet is “to make available a resource for students to have all of the opportunities of going into internships as well as jobs.”

Holly Schiller, associate professor of marketing and business administration, poses for a photo in the Success Closet. Schiller serves as an advisor for the Success Closet. (Photo by Joseph Mauler)

“If you didn’t bring [clothing] from home and the opportunity for a job or internship comes up, we’ve eliminated that barrier so that you don’t need to shop or have someone from home send you something,” said Schiller. “It is here and available to you.”

The Success Closet literally started in a closet, said Schiller. “It was a tiny closet they had down in Wooded Way, with two racks. It has significantly grown since then,” she added.

Over the years, the Success Closet has been collecting apparel mainly from faculty and staff who have donated professional clothing that students can use for occasions such as interviews, conferences and business events, said Ciara Wilson, a senior fashion merchandising major with a minor in marketing, and the marketing and PR specialist intern with Enactus. “Students are welcome to keep the clothing,” added Wilson.

Wilson institutes policies, procedures, and oversees inventory and management at the Success Closet. “I love helping people find their style,” she said.

Local thrift stores also donate clothing. “I am a huge supporter of sustainability, and this is a huge sustainable initiative,” said Schiller, who noted that some of the clothes that the Success Closet receives are diverted from a landfill or a Goodwill location. “I know that the [Success Closet] is making a difference,” she added.

 The Success Closet assists students one-on-one with fitting and styling for professional occasions, said Wilson. “We want the idea of the [Success Closet] to be more inclusive, not just offering clothes you can wear, but also having other programming components that go along with it,” said Schiller.

The Success Closet hopes to evolve to the point where students will be able to get a professional photo taken as well, said Schiller.

On March 25, the Success Closet will hold a business etiquette reception to explain to students what the Success Closet offers and to give business styling tips. “There will be refreshments and gift baskets with professionally related [tools] that will be given away,” said Wilson.

Wilson is in the Success Closet Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to noon and Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m to help with fitting and styling or to answer any questions students may have about Enactus or the Closet. Students can also follow Enactus’ social media on Instagram @suenactus as well as Twitter @stevensonenact1 to stay up to date on the Success Closet.