Black History Month at SU culminates Friday night with #FortheCulture event 


Stevenson’s celebration of Black History Month will climax in the #FortheCulture event on Friday evening in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. This event will focus on #BlackCulture and will include a variety of activities and entertainment. Participants must sign up in advance for the event, which will take place from 8 to 11 p.m. in the CDI (Caves 249). 

“It’s kind of like a kickback vibe, which is big in the Black community. It’s just like going with the flow and hanging out with friends,” said Valerie Maynor, 25, Stevenson’s co-assistant director of Student Activities.  

In her first year at Stevenson, Maynor has overseen all activities involved with Black History Month on campus. 

Alvin Brown, a graphic design major, also works with Student Activities at Stevenson. He believes Black History Month means representing Black legacy and potential futures as African Americans.  

“We all pave the way for other young, gifted minds and talent to bring something new and game-changing to the world,” Brown said, “Black History Month is important so that we can show the world that everyone has a mark that they leave behind for others to follow.” 

Friday’s event is just the finale of what has been a busy Black History Month at Stevenson. 

Students, staff, and faculty were invited to join the trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 5. This visit offered an opportunity to explore five floors of exhibitions dedicated to African American history and culture. 

On the afternoon of Feb. 7 at the Caves parking lot, the CDI hosted “Desserts with D&I,” featuring desserts from a black-owned food truck. The event also provided a chance to learn about upcoming Black History Month events on campus.  

“Last year we did desserts with D&I and years prior it was more of a weekly basis thing,” Maynor said, “but this year we kind of decided to go big with it and we reached out to a Black-owned food truck. We were able to give out free pastries to over a hundred students” 

The “Paint Night” event on Feb. 17 at the CDI on campus provided an opportunity for those who enjoy creative activities and art to relax and engage in a Black History Month-themed paint-by-number activity. Participants were able to choose from six different designs. 

“We’re trying to go bigger and better tonight. Art is a very big form of expression in the Black community.” Maynor said the night of the event. “We’re doing paint by number with portraits of historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Shirley Chisholm, Michelle Obama, people who are staples figures in the Black community. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people decided to change up the colors that they have for some of these portraits or paintings.” 

Stevenson University encourages all students, staff, and faculty to participate in these events and engage in the celebration of Black History Month 2023. By recognizing and honoring the achievements and contributions of African Americans, we can create a more inclusive and diverse community. 

“With black history month, we showcase a portion of what makes the world whole: diversity and inclusion,” Brown said. “Showing diversity and inclusion on campus shows that everyone is the same in their own induvial ways. Allowing people to know that they are equals to one another and that helping one another is needed to grow in life.”