Rosewood site to further enhance student life

Rosewood site to further enhance student life

In the future, Stevenson University will gain a few new additions to the Owings Mills North site, while a whole new area for development is also underway at the Rosewood location.

Executive Vice President and CFO Tim Campbell is hoping that in July, 2018, grading of fields and site preparation will begin at the Rosewood property.

Nearly a dozen of the buildings on the Rosewood site have already been demolished, making way for a new Stevenson campus that will also be used by the community for recreational purposes. (Photo by Stephen Schlegel)

With tentative plans only recently formulated, Campbell has hopes that two new academic buildings, as well as admissions offices, will be added to the North site, though he cautions that all plans are only in the preliminary stages.

Campbell is hoping that the new additions to the Rosewood site will give Stevenson an outstanding athletic venue that will help the program excel in Division III athletics.

Rosewood’s main focus will be on more athletic accommodations, as well as some new housing.  Campbell would like to see four new fields that would be built for recreational needs in lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, and football.  The hope is that there will also be baseball and softball diamonds, as well as tennis courts to eliminate the commute to the Greenspring campus.

Strengthening the university’s athletic facilities at Rosewood means that an ice hockey rink might be built there and perhaps a swimming pool for the men’s and women’s teams.

Currently the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams travel to Reisterstown Sportsplex for practices and home games.  Hockey is not the only sport that travels, as the swim teams also travel to McDonogh School to use the swimming facilities there.

Campbell also has hopes that upperclass student housing will be built on the Rosewood site.  Although the Owings Mills campus houses a majority of the Stevenson residents, the Rosewood site will allow extra housing, and possible space for expanding Greek life.

It is the university’s goal is to connect all three of the Owings Mills locations.  Additionally, the hope of the university is that a traffic light added a couple hundred yards past the current entrance of the North site will make for a steadier flow of traffic on Crondall Lane.

Ultimately, the university’s wish is that all who enter the Stevenson University property in Owings Mills will be able to do so from Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills Boulevard, Crondall Lane or Garrison Forest Road.