Spotlight: Kipp Colvin

Students often wonder who they can go to on campus when they have ideas for activities and programs, and a great person for them to meet is Kipp Colvin, the assistant vice president of Student Activities. He wants students to achieve their goals and will do whatever he can to help them. Those who have attended any of Stevenson University’s orientation week events have probably have seen him before because he is often a speaker as well as one of the facilitators of the new student orientation.

Kipp Colvin (Photo by Chris DeJesus)
Kipp Colvin (Photo by Kris DeJesus)

Colvin leads four professional staff members and over 45 student workers in the Student Activities Office. He also works with over 50 student organizations on campus by administering developmental, social and leadership opportunities for students. Taylor Rigsby, one of the student workers, said. “He’s so caring. I feel like he cares for the students and his staff.”

“At times, it seems like Colvin is everywhere,” said student worker Emily Ostrander.“Omnipotent does not seem like much of a stretch when describing him in a word.”Another student leader, Nicole Woody, said that she sees him as a counselor because he is always willing to listen to students and mediate issues. All agree that Colvin is energetic, putting forth maximum effort in anything he is involved in. He does all that he can to make an already exceptional Stevenson University a better place.

Colvin embodies Stevenson University’s four core values of community, learning, integrity and excellence. He promotes a sense of community while instilling the other core values in students from their first day at the new student orientation to their last day when they walk across the stage.