Spotlight: Kaitlin Kirkwood

Spotlight: Kaitlin Kirkwood

An involved student deserves just as much recognition as a politician or a superstar. Business communication major, Kaitlin Kirkwood, shows this with all she has done over her semesters at Stevenson as she finishes up her last year here.

kait-spolightKirkwood claims that what makes her different than any other student is similar to what makes every student at Stevenson different. Her college years have allowed her to embrace diversity in all forms but also to appreciate the opportunity to learn from those different from herself, broadening her view of life.

“I will say I was blessed to get involved on campus in my freshman year, allowing me to make connections with upperclassman, staff and my peers in general,” Kirkwood said. In times of stress, she likes to remind herself of her favorite quote, “Leave someone in a better place than you found them.” She hopes to create a legacy here and keep it running through the people with whom she has made deep connections.

Each semester for Kirkwood has been full of growth. Last semester, she had an opportunity to make a presentation about student workers’ involvement in the admissions process to the Board of Trustees. Kirkwood said, “This presentation not only allowed me and fellow ambassador Kijon Renfroe to talk about the process, but also helped influential members of the SU community gain a new perspective of how we obtain such amazing students.”

Although Kirkwood’s schedule is packed, she does not look back on her decisions because her experiences will carry over beyond her college years. To be specific, she is a member of ’47 House, previously the treasurer; a host for SUTV; a member of Student United Way, Lambda Pi Eta, Sigma Alpha Pi, and National Residence Hall honor societies; a 2015 Orientation Welcome Leader; a Senior Class Council member; a 2015 Partnerships and Student Success Student Mentor; and the 2016 Student Government Association director of public relations.

Kirkwood’s dedication to the Stevenson community does not come without the help of her family. One of the reasons she is so determined and positive is because of the lessons she’s learned through her parents’ struggle. Whether facing health or financial issues, Kirkwood’s family has mastered tough situations with flying colors.

Although this is Kirkwood’s last year at her “home away from home,” she knows that looking back over the past few years of her life, Stevenson has provided her more than a diploma or resume could ever represent.