Editorial: The benefits of reading

Editorial: The benefits of reading

With the semester coming to an end and summer right around the corner, it is time for me to find a new summer read. Without classes, I will not be able to exercise my brain enough, and finding a good book to read will supply all the benefits my brain will need.

Few people understand how important it is for everyone to read at least once a day. Not only does reading provide benefits to young children, it will also increase the brain power of older individuals.

For children, reading can open up a whole new vocabulary of words. Children gain exposure to a wide range of words that in turn can boost their confidence, make them more articulate and promote their writing fluency.

Adults can also gain some knowledge from reading a good book. According to lifehack.org, reading can mentally stimulate us, which can aid in slowing down diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia because it keeps the brain active and healthy.

Reading can also aid in stress reduction. From my own personal experiences, I read novels and feel like I am in the story. A good novel can make you feel as though you are there and keep you interested. Feeling as though I am somewhere else can decrease stress and make me relax.

Your memory is also improved when you read frequently. By remembering characters, plots and history within a novel, you are putting your brain power to work. According to lifehack.org, this workout for your brain ultimately strengthens the pathways that assist in short term memory.

Last summer, my friend lent me a book, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Not only did I love the novel, I finished it within a week. This novel made me put my electronics down and really connect with the story. I did not feel as drained as I do after a day of laziness and social media surfing.

With summer break creeping around the corner, consider reading a book to improve your health. Don’t think of it as a chore or homework; think of reading as an exercise. To keep your heart healthy, you may go for a run. In order to keep your brain healthy, it is essential to pick up a good book.