Phone case offers anti-gravity technology

For those who have been wishing they could use their mobile devices hands-free, that day has finally come. A new technology called the GOATcase has developed an anti-gravity case that will stick to any smooth surface, allowing the user hands-free access.

Users just place their phone on any solid surfaces such as glass, wood, or even a whiteboard. The first thing to do is make sure the surface is clean, soft and smooth, since the goat case will not stick to surfaces such as textured walls.

With this device, users will be able to attach the phone to a mirror, for instance, and FaceTime their friends without actually holding on to the phone or placing it against something and watching it fall down. Besides taking selfies, the case can be used for watching videos or recording gym exercise techniques, for example.

There are many different ways to use this device, such as sticking the phone to a microwave or a cabinet to read a recipe while cooking. Those who love to cook will find that following an online tutorial is much easier with the GOATcase.

However, the GOATcase also has some disadvantages. It feels sticky to the touch, and the back feels a little bit like it’s coated with Scotch tape that lost most of its stickiness. Users can get used to it, but it’s definitely noticeable and something of a distraction. The packaging material recommends cleaning off the case about once a week to reduce this problem.

In terms of phone protection, it is a pretty solid case that doesn’t add much bulk in weight, and it’s waterproof as well. The case will still allow a phone to fit in a pants pocket.

Goat cases are available for iPhones and Samsung phones and retail generally between $20 and $30 on the company’s website, but they can be purchased directly from Amazon less expensively.

For those who love to keep updated with technology, and who hate holding their phone for too long, then this solution is nearly perfect.

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