Searching for a New Esports Advisor

By: Kelly Mulligan , Jackie Nesbeth

Campus recreation is currently on the prowl for the right candidate to fill the new full-time Mustangs Esports Advisor position. Matt Grimm, Stevenson University’s Assistant Athletic Director, is leading the search for a new leader in expanding the school’s Esports community. 

“The role of this job will be to oversee the entire Esports program,” said Grimm. “We’re hoping this individual could also kind of ramp up what we do in the Esports space for casual gamers.” 

With a surge in on-campus gamers, Grimm is looking for someone who can instruct both kinds of players.  

“A lot of the (students) who are in the Esports program now are very serious and want to be on very competitive teams, and we certainly want to provide a space for them, Grimm said.   
“But we also want to provide a space for people who are interested in trying video games,” said Grimm.  

E-Sports Computers

The new position will entail working alongside the current Esports coaches Jonathon Neely and Jordan M. Sheets to coach another Esports team.  

“It will help Stevenson, having an active [and] more direct role [for] Esports representation,” said Jonathon Neely, the Mustang’s League of Legends coach. “They would oversee the two Esports spaces that we have at Garrison Hall North,” said Grimm about what location the esports advisor’s responsibility will be focused on. 

Grimm also said that a new Esports advisor will “provide a space for [students] to learn about video games.” 

Regarding when this new position will be filled, Grimm said, “We’re trying to have somebody on board as soon as possible. We are…in the middle of that process.” 

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