Student-athletes appreciate their seasons

Mustang Stadium.(Photo from Stevenson University Athletics)

Stevenson athletics has faced an unprecedented season from 2020-2021. There have been many people working countless hours behind the scenes in athletics to help make competitive sports possible during a pandemic. The University has established protocols and guidelines for teams in order to keep players and their opponents safe. It has been challenging not only for administration and coaches, but especially for the student-athletes themselves.

Front of Owings Mills main campus. (Photo from media library)

Senior Biology major and current member of the field hockey team, Kendra Meyer, spoke about the challenges she is facing during her senior season, which include delayed and shortened season, especially disappointing for those in their senior year. “Facing the adversity this season has been challenging, but luckily my teammates and coaches are always motivating us and pushing us to keep a positive mindset. This set back didn’t define who we are as college athletes but the way we persevered through the adversity.” Meyer stated that her biggest take away is to play every game like it’s your last, because honestly, you never know when the end could be. 

Despite the challenges that student-athletes have faced over the last year, it has also given many student athletes a greater appreciation of being able to play the sport that they love.

Mustang Stadium. (Photo from Stevenson University Athletics)

Recently, Stevenson announced its plan to return to full in-person classes in the fall of 2021, and this could also mean a return to full seasons for athletics. The hope that Stevenson could return to regularly scheduled play has given student athletes a reason for optimism for the future.

First-year business administration major and ice hockey forward, Brendan Rylott, a native of Ontario, Canada, spoke about his first-year athletic experience and his hope for the future. Being able to practice, work out, and even play a shortened season is something he’s been thankful for, as some other schools have not been given the same opportunities. “It was easy to get used to the Covid-19 protocols and testing because it meant we could continue our team’s participation. Testing, social distancing and wearing masks have become a part of my routine, though it has been a hectic season, I’m happy with the efforts from the school and all student athletes to make athletics possible this year,” Rylott said. He also added that because Stevenson has been so considerate of their student athletes, he is excited for the potential of a normal season next year given how much he has enjoyed his first-year experience amid a pandemic. 

As the 2021 athletic season rolls later into the spring, Stevenson continues to provide the safest environment possible and is optimistic that next athletic season will look a bit more normal than this one.

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